I would love to hear them and I promise to get back to you!

I would love to hear them and I promise to get back to you!


Hi Kyle. You should have mentioned that most MLM recruits do not understand how economics and markets work. For an MLM to succeed and remain sustainable, human population, resources, and market share must be infinite. Since they are obviously not, this is why over 99% of people fail no matter how hard they work, and that only members at the top reap all the rewards. The basic pitch of recruiting just 3 – 5 people into the business, and then showing them to do the firstmet same is very flawed; the entire human population would be recruited just 14 levels down… That’s a lot of milkshakes and vitamins! Statistically, you have better odds of making money as a “professional” gambler in Vegas!

Exactly the case. MLM fails when typically when the recruitment of others into the larger scheme stops. You see it all the time and the most successful MLM you see around actually have products that customers are buying, not just those being sold into the recruitment process.

The FTC came down hard on Herbalife a few years back which rattled the industry, but changed it in a positive manner. There are now many more provisions in the MLM space that specify that a higher percentage of sales must be through the actual sale to customers outside of the scheme, versus pure recruitment revenue.

To put it briefly, it seems nothing works, or it takes more time, money, dedication and mental attention that I want to expend – but its always put to me as so easy and “done for you”.

I would be happy to entertain all comments, questions, and experiences here within my comment thread

Still, I have spent thousands just this past year, making NOTHING on affiliate marketing, expending quite a bit of time and effort while of course, I could have spent ONE thousand dollars on ONE Bitcoin and made $20 grand doing nothing!

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